Driving From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

Vista Point Along Highway 93

So we decided to skip a day from partying and gambling in Vegas and do the iconic drive to The Grand Canyon and back... in the same day. After reading multiple forums on TripAdvisor we came to the decision that it was 100% possible if we planned ahead. We mapped out our route and planned the stops we wanted along the way which included Hoover Dam, an old town called Kingman and a drive along famous Route 66.

Hoover Dam

It's only a short 30-40 minute drive out of Vegas and sits on the boarders of Nevada and Arizona. We allowed ourselves a quick stop here to get some photos and see just how HUGE the dam is. Tours are available but why pay money to walk around with a bunch of other tourists when you can see it for free! Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado river and offers stunning scenic views of the river and Lake Mead.

View From Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam
Just past Hoover Dam as you're driving along Highway 93 you'll come to a turnout area for a beautiful Vista Point view of Hoover Dam from a different angle. Continue on for a drive through some small roadside towns with stalls selling treasures and things and a cluster of gas stations not far after. We pulled into famous 'The Last Stop' on the left to use the toilets and of course get more snacks. It really is the last stop when heading back to Vegas from The Grand Canyon, we know this because we planned on getting gas here on the way home but it was closed! No services until Boulder City which made for a very nervous drive through the desert at 9.30pm!

Roadside Stalls
Roadside Stalls
The Last Stop, Highway 93 AZ

The iconic old town of Kingman sits along old Route 66 and is known as the seat of Mohave County, Arizona. We stopped at famous Mr Dz's Diner for some pancakes and waffles before hitting the road again. From here we decided to take the scenic drive along Route 66 rather than stay on the freeway.

Tip: Try the root beer float!

Mr D'z Diner
Mr D'z Diner
Mr D'z Diner
Route 66

There really is something interesting to look at along this entire drive. From weird gas and food stops to old trailer houses and donkeys. Make sure you chose a couple of places to stop at, get your photos, buy some souvenirs and get more snacks!

Somewhere Along Route 66

Somewhere Along Route 66

A small town located an hour out of our destination, otherwise known as the 'Gateway To The Grand Canyon'. We stopped here for more gas and a small late lunch at Taco Bell.

Williams, AZ
Grand Canyon National Park

We drove in via The South Rim because you can drive to different viewpoints of the canyon, we skipped the visitors centre because we already had a map handy of the South Rim. This really is the best way to see The Grand Canyon if you're on a strict time limit like us. The Canyon is so amazing that we ended up staying 2 hours longer than anticipated.

Grand Canyon South Rim View Point

We left at around 5pm and got our magnet from one of the gift stores just before the park entrance. Good idea to get more gas here. We arrived back to Vegas after a 15 hour day, driving into the city at night was pretty incredible, you can see all the lights and you realise just how big of a city Las Vegas really is, apart from the main strip.

Coming soon: How to See The Grand Canyon in One Day

Got any tips or cool places to stop off at along the way to GC? Add them in the comments below!