Exploring Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a must see stop in on any road trip through The Colorado Desert and to The Salton Sea. Located near Slab City in Niland, Salvation Mountain was created by artist Leonard Knight using only local clay and donated paint! You really need to see this place to believe it.

How To Be Prepared For The Rosebowl Flea

Rose Bowl Stadium
The Rose Bowl Flea is held in The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, LA. It happens on the second Sunday of every month regardless of weather conditions. It will cost you $8-$20 to get in depending on what time you arrive (the early bird definitely gets the vintage haul here).

"We'll be done in an hour tops" - Five hours later with some sunburn, we left with empty wallets and a seriously good haul.

How To See The Grand Canyon In One Day

Grand Canyon South Rim
People will tell you that you simply cannot see The Grand Canyon properly in just a day, and you know what? They are correct! You cannot hike to the bottom and back up and really SEE it properly, but you definitely can get the most out of a one day visit to one of North America's top 10 natural wonders! Check out this article for more info on the best way to see Grand Canyon National Park in one day.

How To Find The Perfect Villa In Bali or Thailand

Samui Resotel And Spa, Thailand

I would imagine there being nothing worse than arriving to your 'perfect' beach villa after a long flight and taxi ride only to have one of those airbnb nightmares where nothing is like the photos... Thankfully this has not happened to us yet! Why? Because we do our research when we book ANYTHING! We have put together some info and tips and what to look for when booking your accommodation online so have a read and find out how to get those amazing villa photos on your hard earned holiday.

How To Bring Your Travels Home With You

Gift Store Along Route 66
Magnets people, it's all about magnets! I think we may have spent around $200 or more on magnets... We decided that it would be our thing. The one thing we would buy as a souvenir from every and any town or place we visited! And we visited A LOT of places.

So what other ways can you bring your travels home with you?

2 Days In Yosemite National Park (part 2)

View from Glacier Point
After a full day of hiking and cycling the day before, it was time to take a nice relaxing scenic drive up to Glacier Point inside Yosemite National Park. Our final day exploring the park would see us playing in the middle of the road, climbing glacier cliffs and another picnic lunch with a view. Welcome to my second instalment of 2 Days In Yosemite National Park.

Driving From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

Vista Point Along Highway 93

So we decided to skip a day from partying and gambling in Vegas and do the iconic drive to The Grand Canyon and back... in the same day. After reading multiple forums on TripAdvisor we came to the decision that it was 100% possible if we planned ahead. We mapped out our route and planned the stops we wanted along the way which included Hoover Dam, an old town called Kingman and a drive along famous Route 66.