How To Bring Your Travels Home With You

Gift Store Along Route 66
Magnets people, it's all about magnets! I think we may have spent around $200 or more on magnets... We decided that it would be our thing. The one thing we would buy as a souvenir from every and any town or place we visited! And we visited A LOT of places.

So what other ways can you bring your travels home with you?

Home Decor

We purchased 2 picnic blankets and a new floor rug. Just remember your luggage weight restrictions when purchasing heavier items!


A pretty obvious one here... Take as many photos as you possible can.

Post Cards

Not to send out to people, but to keep! One day post cards aren't going to exist anymore and will become a vintage collectable! 
Using Our Blanket At Pacific Beach
Beer Coolers

Perfect if you are on a smaller trip, because these can actually take up a bit of room in your suitcase if you are traveling for a long time. Every time we go to Bali or Thailand we try and take a few of these home. Most bars and restaurants serve beers in them and they might not notice if you slip one into your bag right ;)


Buy a little something special or handmade by locals in the area you are staying. It will become a loved treasure you will have forever.


Make a play list of all the songs you heard or listened to on your travels! Any time I hear Demi Lovato's Cool For The Summer I am taken back to driving around LA or in our room in Vegas. I don't really like the song but I love that it reminds me of traveling. 

Travel Journal

Get writing! Buy yourself a nice leather journal to take over with you, or better yet buy one over there! Write down something in the journal at the end of each day, something you did that day, how you felt and what you saw! Once you get home you will have a beautiful leather journal with magical words that can take you far away from home! 

Got any other ways you bring your travels home with you? Comment in the section below and let me know!