How To Be Prepared For The Rosebowl Flea

Rose Bowl Stadium
The Rose Bowl Flea is held in The Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, LA. It happens on the second Sunday of every month regardless of weather conditions. It will cost you $8-$20 to get in depending on what time you arrive (the early bird definitely gets the vintage haul here).

"We'll be done in an hour tops" - Five hours later with some sunburn, we left with empty wallets and a seriously good haul.

Dress Accordingly
Check the weather forecast before you leave, if it's the middle of a heatwave then wear comfortable shoes, clothes that breathe and a big sunhat. If it's raining then probably best to get a poncho and wear gumboots. Active wear is always a good choice. Don't forget the SPF 50 plus!

Stall At The Rose Bowl Flea
Arrive Early
Fork out the extra dollars for an early bird ticket. You can get there as early as 5am but some vendors won't be set up until 7am. I suggest getting there at 7am and paying the $15 to get first pick. In saying that it was pretty special paying $8 entry and getting a $2 bill for change, which brings me to my next point....

Keep Those $2 Notes
Those $2 notes make a pretty good souvenir to take back home so try not to spend yours.

Know What You're Looking For
The Rose Bowl sell anything from vintage clothing, hand made items, bric-a-brac, recycles furniture, vintage furniture, plants, sunglasses, hats, patches, badges and art to name a few! If you're going there for clothes like we did, don't waste your time dawdling through the antique furniture that you can't bring home in your suitcase! Get a map and go straight to where you need to be.

Stall At The Rose Bowl Flea
Stay Hydrated
Bring your own water and you'll still probably need to buy more. It was extremely hot the day we went to The Rose Bowl, too hot to eat even. Stay hydrated and if you start to feel a little dizzy there are fresh fruit juice stalls all around the market. I got myself some mango pineapple iced juice it was amazing and gave me the energy to keep shopping for 5 hours.

Buy A Cart 
Buy one and take it in your car with you or rent one there it's about the same price around $10-$15. Very handy if you'r buying a lot of stuff because after hours of walking around it can become very heavy.

Haggle Haggle Haggle
Haggle your little heart out! It's a flea market after all, if you're buying more than one item ask for a discount! The worst that could happen is they say no, and if they say yes then you've scored a bargain.

Standard Photo Out The Front Of The Stadium
Proudly Wear Your Haul
After a HUGE day of shopping (and maybe a sneaky little nap) it was time to get those calories burn off back into us. Pizza and beer was on the menu down along Abbot Kinney Blvd and I wore some of my new vintage very proudly indeed. Vintage Levis jacket and new dress cost me around $40!

Dinner Along Abbot Kinney Blvd