Exploring Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a must see stop in on any road trip through The Colorado Desert and to The Salton Sea. Located near Slab City in Niland, Salvation Mountain was created by artist Leonard Knight using only local clay and donated paint! You really need to see this place to believe it.

Starting from Pacific Beach in San Diego, we continued our 5 week road trip through California inland toward the desert. With Palm Springs being our point B, we decided to take the longer more scenic route past Salton Sea. Stopping in at Salvation Mountain along the way of course.

This place is not on the GPS so make sure you  pack a paper map or read one before you leave. If you have trouble finding it don't hesitate to ask one of the lovely locals at the grocery store in Niland.

When we found Salvation Mountain it was completely deserted except for one local man who was sitting out the front of his trailer in the distance. Don't expect to see paved designated parking spots, turn left and pull up somewhere on a flat where your car won't get in the way of any photos.

In the middle of Summer you may want to limit your time here in the sun, we spent 25 minutes but could have spent hours exploring and reading all the beautiful notes and photographs left by previous visitors.

Whats next? Don't turn back just yet! Keep driving and you'll reach Slab City (blog post coming soon)